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Apple has just released its latest version of the prestigious post production and processing of raw files Aperture 3.3

The news are so many but what stands out above all is the ability to use libraries in Aperture and iPhoto, those in the same way.

There will, therefore, more need to open them in external mode to import your images from one program to another. This also applies in the reverse order with the use of iPhoto.

Even the use of Faces, Places, the creation of smart albums and so on is directly transferred and integrated as if it were a single program.

The programmers in Cupertino have done a meticulous work to amalgamate the two programs and enable professionals and not be able to make more use of mutual libraries, without having any technical problems then import.

In order to allow Aperture to display a library of iPhoto just do what you have always done in these cases and that use the "Switch to Library", as we have seen in our tutorial "create new library". Nothing new, then but a step forward that allows Mac users to use their programs as if they were one.

One sore point is the fact that the audio files in Aperture will not be visible or even accessible to iPhoto.

Finally I note that the update will change many parameters and visual, with new icons and new panels as well as practical, as the default settings pre-set and effects.

At first it takes a little effort, but then there are environmental rather quickly discovering some shortcuts and customizations very interesting!


Good job!

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