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What is the pixel in the picture? Why do you use when it comes to megapixel resolution?

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Usually when we go to a store to see, try and buy our favorite digital SLR, the first thing they ask is what kind of resolution within Milliman has the sensor of the camera body.

What, then, is the pixels or megapixels?

At the base of it all is the concept of computer image consists of a matrix of dots or pixels, to which is assigned a color defined by one or more numeric values​​, called "bits", a format more commonly known as "bitmap".

Let's see how to interpret this information!

The pixels can be of two basic types: the first, square, used in digital photography, while the second, rectangular, used to represent the digital video.

When we refer to the "resolution" of a digital refelx think only to the number of megapixels the sensor inside the camera body, but this is not entirely true!

Should be considered a different type of value.

The resolution is measured as the density of points or better number of pixels per unit length (usually the thumb or even cm).

So "dpi", "dots per inch".

At this point, we understand that every time we ask: how many megapixels does this camera? In fact, we are asking: how many millions of pixels has a CMOS sensor or CCD camera for this or how many centimeters dpi will have the photograph taken by this digital SLR?

I know it is not really a question for everyone, you might fall in or disapproving looks of amazement, but at least we know what lies in the complicated and secret world of digital photography!

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