Renovating an old or damaged photos is very simple and convenient!

Send us an email with your files, we'll let you a detailed estimate of costs and we will send the restoration work with an e-mail, no shipping and immediate delivery! You only pay the restoration work + government taxes.

Our prices relate only to the entire work and do not go for hours!

The files must be in jpg format at least 300 dpi.


Why restore a vintage photo? Together we explore the issue with these two articles:

Why restore a vintage photo

The old photographs

Our restoration process online


Photo restoration fast
Restoration photo medium
Photo restoration high
photo print options
Photo framework
Photo package

ENTER BY MAIL: By express courier, please request a quotation in writing to Pollini Photo Laboratory

PRICES: Taxes not included, INPS 4% on the amounts specified!

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Conditions for sending files:

- For best results, we recommend that you perform a scan of the image at 300 dpi.

- If you can not do any type of scanning we will perform this service for free!

- The photographs submitted must not exceed two units per item and should not be more than 8 MByte total. If you experience any such problem it is recommended that two separate items, so as not overloading our mail server.

- As soon as the files received and analyzed the options required, it will be the Pollini Photo Labaratory send a detailed estimate of the service.

- Lead-time is dependent on the current workload, on average 3 to 5 working days. This will be carefully specified when ordering.

- The order will be considered valid only when it is accepted by the customer, the cost estimate including shipping costs when sending by express courier. Payment can be made by bank transfer to be communicated at the time of the estimate. For clarification or questions, please contact the address