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Photo restoration

to be restored!

The process of photo restoration is something that goes beyond the simple "fix something"!

Why should it be important to restore an old image, because I have to spend some time to shine again one shot faded, full of folds and bound in a drawer for years without anyone noticing?

Well the first answer of why restoring a photo has already been given! Let's explore the theme!

We talked about "FEELING".

I would like to convey to all my personal thoughts every time I have in front of photographs to be restored.

The first thing I do is look at the image in its entirety to see what feeling can communicate! I guarantee that any photos we speak, something I will forward it certainly can be beauty, disgust, boredom, happiness, sadness, joy, love, etc. ..

A second thing I magnify in search of a particular, a distinctive sign which can distinguish the photograph from all the others. Once found, I do everything to exalt it, rebuild it if necessary, and bring it into focus, so as to give the photo the meaning that probably the photographer wanted to convey at the time of shooting.

We talked about "LIBRARY".

The feelings by themselves give us both a lot every day of our lives, and every time we try to help solve a problem or just to cheer up after a day of work!

To follow up on these feelings mean if you keep them inside and rediscover new always at hand photo in an album to show to their children or friends with pride and joy.

Even a trivial picture in our archive sensations give us some really unique!

We talked about "HISTORY".

Our feelings perfectly preserved jealously stored and will allow us to go back in time with the imagination, revealing moments, feelings, people, places and actions that were slowly disappearing! This is the true meaning of immortality. If we teach our future generations to "preserve" our memories as "us" we will never die! A power entrusted to the only art, along with the painting, which can without interpretation, if not that of the camera, capturing a moment that will never be repeated again and for this valuable as the most important jewelry.

We are the present, we come from the past but we will live in the future!


Why restore an old photo!

photo restoration


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