Why restore a vintage photo

Old pictures - Old photos

The reasons for conducting a restoration of old photos are many and most of the time they are due to personal issues! I do not want to be neither long-winded nor boring, what I want to communicate are essentially three concepts namely:



- History

THE FEELING: E 'useless! As we strive to hide it, we are hopelessly romantic! How can we not be moved by such a family photo, rediscover moments of joy, pride and passion in front of images that portray real life moments with people in places where we do not go more but we want to rediscover and bring even inside us! These feelings are never dormant, they remain within us only to be awakened and brought to light again.

Forget it, you can not! Try giving a new luster to this kind of images is of immense value!

For us, the old photographs have a soul and a passion that brought them to life! Nothing more beautiful!

ARCHIVE: We are passionate about photography and every shot is an asset for us! Well, this store is definitely a lens heritage important.

The restoration of old photos is as important as the right placement in their space-time coordinates. Analyze their origin and their path, helps us to reconstruct facts, events and feelings that at first might be unknown if only we stop with superficial glance.

For us, an archive well done, is a matter of respect for those who have taken these photographs!

HISTORY: If you've read this far, it means that you have passion for the history of your old images! This is because you understand that your family photos, historical archives, the immense amount of shots to be rediscovered again in the cellars of some common entity, association representing YOU! What you are, what you can teach those who lived through those times, those who have tried those emotions that magically reappear every time you look at those pictures.

This is the power of photography, to rediscover the feelings to those who despise ago, as they are terribly and wonderfully HUMAN!

For us to tell the story of a photograph through the restoration of old photos is a must!

Any other reason you just push to view your photos ruined is dictated by curiosity to try at least one of the three steps above!

So why not try?

Not enough? Then we explore together!

Old photographs



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