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What is raw?

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Il file raw (italian version)

What are the characteristics of this particular form of photography? The advantages and disadvantages?

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Many times we have heard of this type of format picture and maybe many have wondered, what's this? Why shoot in raw so well when I'm in jpg, what are the advantages? Why should I work to develop my photos when the process can already be made directly from our camera or DSLR?

Well, there is an answer to these questions but of course, as we shall see, the views are very personal.

Raw means "hard", "raw" and means, in photography, the resulting file by one click is not processed and therefore appears to have no color, brightness, sharpness, contrast adjusted.

How, then, in order to allow these photographs to appear in their full beauty. You have to run, simply, a post production work by dedicated software such as Apple Aperture 3, Adobe Lightroom, Gimp and so on.

This type of file is the prerogative of digital SLR cameras, in which is used a lot, but lately also many compact and bridge cameras are beginning to have this feature.

The advantage of the raw file is essentially a very powerful and that is: being a raw file and numeric, it means simply converted from analog to digital, has not lost any information. Each type of frequency, captured by the CCD or CMOS sensor, can be processed, improved, removed, enhanced or destroyed at will. This means that we shall decide how to transform a photograph, just like in a development laboratory. The transformation into a jpg file depends on us, opening thus a huge range of possibilities. Many professionals use this type of nature photography own file for no longer dependent on any software automatically and to have total control of the image.

The only drawback is only that of having to work very hard, especially if you have to deal with many shots per session. With practice, however, everything improves and speeds up becoming, well, a habitual practice of which, I am sure, no longer be able to escape.

The only thing to keep in mind is the photographic technique, no raw file will give you the right depth of field, exposure or sharpness if you do not acquire the basic techniques of photography, without which any technological artifice vanishes into thin air.

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